Military Employment Opportunities

One way to improve your chances for future success in the civilian world is to find an employer that understands and appreciates your military accomplishments. The following sites provide job opportunities and other resources for veterans seeking employment. The resources include a listing of employers who are eager to hire veterans.


Military Skills Translator

We really like this site due to the Military Skills translator. Individuals can input their branch of service, pay grade, and military job title and the site will translate them to civilian job skills. The site will then show a listing of job openings that fit your skill set.

Civilian Jobs

This site allows military veterans to post their resume as well as search jobs. They also have a listing of upcoming job fairs that taking place on military bases.

100,000 Jobs

The goal of this site is to employ 100,000 veterans by 2020. It includes a job listing of top US companies that are eager to hire military veterans.

Military Friendly

We like the Military Friendly site because it gives a ranking of the top 100 military friendly companies in the US. It also allows you to gain insight into the companies including company size, revenues, and industry type. This site includes information about each company and what makes them military friendly including. The site also gives you the ability to compare companies side by side.

Hero 2 Hired

Hero 2 Hired is a valuable resource to transitioning military veterans. It provides veterans the ability to post their resume and search for jobs. The site also includes career recommendations based on your military occupation as well as networking groups and other resources.

Orion International

Orion International is the nation's largest military recruiting firm, specializing in placing today's top military leaders, engineers, and technicians into America's Fortune 500 and beyond. With offices located throughout the United States, and an all-veteran Recruiting and Sales team, Orion is the firm of choice for Junior Military Officers, Noncommissioned Officers, and Technicians separating from the military, as well as America's top companies seeking to hire the best.

Troops to Teachers

You may have a position waiting for you right now. As a military veteran may want to look at a program called Troops To Teachers. Reflecting the focus of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, TTT's primary objective is to help recruit quality teachers for schools that serve low-income families throughout the U.S. TTT helps relieve the teacher shortages, especially in math, science, special education and other high-need subject areas, and assists military personnel in making a successful transition to second careers in teaching. Challenging, fulfilling, rewarding, and a great learning experience, all wrapped up in one opportunity.


CareerOneStop is a resource provided by the U.S. Department of Labor. It features resources to help veterans with their career search and transition back to civilian life.

Task Hero

Task Hero allows civilians to post tasks for military heroes to then bid on. Tasks range from running errands to handyman work or even technical computer work like website design. This service provides veterans the opportunity to earn income on a part time basis while looking for full time employment or taking on extra tasks to supplement their income. offers information and employment resources for many private security companies across the United States as well as detailed descriptions of popular positions in the field.